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Welcome to the TeachMeet Nashville 2010 wiki. TeachMeet is a really unique experience. People who have been to TeachMeet like to call it the unconference. TeachMeet (un)conferences happen all over the world. They are put on by teachers, for teachers, at no cost.
  • TeachMeet is April 1-2, from 10 AM to 4 PM. It will be held at the main branch of the Nashville Public Library on 615 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219.
  • You will be able to network and see what works for real teachers in their classrooms.
  • There will be free admission and free refreshments provided.
  • Anyone can present and the topics are still open, so click on the presentation pages to submit topic ideas. We want this to be useful to teachers, so the teachers coming have input and control over the conference.
  • The presentations and organization will reflect best practice that we can model for our students.
  • There will be no long PowerPoint presentations.
  • Presentations are fast paced at only 15 minutes long and there is always more than 1 running at once, so everyone should be able to find things that suit their interest.
  • This (un)conference will be focusing mostly on applications of educational technology for authentic learning. This encompasses Web 2.0 tools, learning management systems, wikis, Nings, social networks, Google Tools, and more. Feel free to edit this page and add more ideas.
  • You can edit and add to any part of this public wiki. Just please make sure that what you are adding will help our community here.

Can't make it in person try attending TeachMeet Nashville 2010 virtually!

You can also win a ton of great prizes, like an iPod Touch. Read more about the prizes here.
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