The opening keynote presentation at TeachMeet will be collaboratively delivered, which reflects the heart of the Van Meter School District . The school system is doing some really amazing, innovative things, but what is most impressive may well be how well they work together. The staff from the teachers through the superintendent all share a common vision, common goals, and a common plan for attaining those goals. Superintendent John C. Carver, high school principal Deron Durflinger, and district-wide library media specialist Shannon M Miller will be presenting on how to use technology to foster positive change. Here is just a small sampling of things that they have done that they may discuss:
  • 1:1 computing
  • Using virtual reality to improve learning
  • The benefits of social networking
  • Virtually bringing experts into the classroom via Skype
  • Lobbying the Iowa congress with help from teachers worldwide
It should be an outstanding presentation. They will be kicking off our conference at 10 AM on April 1st. Join us in the auditorium for an informative and hopefully transformative session.

Van Meter Presentation Material

The closing keynote presentation at TeachMeet will be delivered by Steven W Anderson at 3pm on Friday, April 2nd. He is @web20classroom online and writes at . He is the cofounder and coordinator of #edchat on Twitter and one of the most influential educators online. It should be an amazing session that will motivate educators to really try to reach their students in new ways.