TeachMeet Nashville is completely free for teachers, so we need sponsors to help support us and share some of the financial burden. In exchange for being a sponsor, you may setup a table at conference so that teachers can approach you, as well as free advertising on my personal blog, http://jasontbedell.com , on Twitter, and at the conference. Educators are passionate people and they will remember if you make a good impression and support what they are doing. If you like more information or if you have other requirements, please contact Jason Bedell by phone at (931) 320-9582 or by email .Below are our list of needs and sponsors.
  • At least $1000 for the Nashville Public Library
  • At least $2000 for the food and drinks for 2 days
  • $500 for various materials, like name tags, certificates, labor costs for NPL, etc...
  • Donations of products that we can use as giveaways for teachers, like a netbook or an iPod Touch
  • $1000 to bring down a talented group of educators from an innovative school in Van Meter, Iowa.
  • Techsmith, makers of Jing and Camtasia Studio, have agreed to donate $1000 and 5 copies of Camtasia Studio.
  • Promethean, makers of interactive whiteboards and other great interactive hardware, has agreed to donate $1000.
  • ABC-Clio has agreed to donate $150.
  • ENA of TN has agreed to donate $500.
  • Gordon Food Service has agreed to donate the meat for 1 day and give us a discount on lunch.
  • Ingram Library Services has agreed to donate $500.
  • Mackin Library Services has agreed to donate $250 and a subscription to http://www.journeybackintime.com/.
  • Soundzabound has agreed to donate $150 and several free subscriptions to one of their royalty free music databases.
  • Camcor has agreed to donate $150.
  • Delaney Books has donated $150.
  • The Tennessee Credit Union has donated $150. Learn more about them at http://ttcu.org .
  • Davidson Titles has agreed to donate $150.
  • Deborah Gottsleben, a former Seton Hall classmate and a fellow Library Media Specialist, donate $35.
  • Provence, the coffee shop and bakery inside the Nashville Public Library, will be giving TeachMeet Participants 10% off purchases during the conference. Provence is located on the same level as the conference.