Twitter 4 Teachers Workshop
#TMN10 Getting Started
Twitter in Plain English by Lee Lefever of Common Craft

Great Reasons Why:
· 5 Reasons Why Educators Should Network by Tanya Roscorla of Converge Magazine
· 9 Great Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Twitter by Laura Walker

Twitter Guides & Handbooks:
· The Twitter Guide Book by @Mashable (Pete Cashmore)
· Twitter Handbook for Teachers by @lasic (Tomaz Lasic)
· A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter by @HigherEdLife (Kate Klingensmith)
· Top 10 things New People to Twitter Should Know by @marcwarnke (Marc Warnke)

Networking Resources:
· Twitter4Teachers – A wiki by @ghartman (Gina Hartman) to help educators find each other on Twitter.
· The Best Resources For Beginning To Learn What Twitter Is All About by @LarryFerlazzo (Larry Ferlazzo)
· How To Become Twitter Teacher In 23 Steps Or Less by @kapil1312 (Kapil Bhatia)
· 50 Easy ways to Improve Your Twitter Experience via All Things Internet
· 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education by Carol Cooper-Taylor
· 5 Things To Get Your Twitter Network Off The Ground by @TomBarrett (Tom Barrett)

Some Personal Favorite Twitter clients & tools:
· Tweetadder is a software that can increase your followers dramatically. It automates Twitter promotion & marketing. Very effective application.
· Tweetdeck (Desktop & iPhone) is a browser for all your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn). Some benefits of Tweetdeck include the ability to group followers, to use the classic re-tweet style, to preview short URLs, and to sync between your desktop and Smartphone.
· Hootsuite (Desktop & iPhone) allows the scheduling of tweets (Nice!) to several social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & It also tracks statistics and isn’t blocked for use at most schools.
· Mr. Tweet helps you find people you might be interested in following. I’ve only dabbled with it, but many people rave about it’s usefulness.
· Twitter Grader assigns every user you run through its system a grade from 1-100. Use it to investigate how engaged the people you’re following are in order to decide if you want to keep following them.
· Twitter Karma lets you sort through your follows and see who’s not following you in return, who you have a mutual follow/follow-back relationship with, and who is following you that you’re not following back.
· Refollow is a Twitter relationship manager similar to Twitter Karma. It allows you to “lock” your social circle.
· TweetChat is desktop Twitter client that allows you to follow a hashtag in real-time. It’s a great tool for participating in Twitter chats.
· TweetGrid is another chat client that many Twitter Teachers use for engaging in chats.

URL Shorteners: Preview the links! ( - developed by a teacher’s kid
Note: Hootsuite has a built-in URL Shortener

Get-started Twitter hashtags (for search & chat)
Jerry Blumgarten (@cybraryman1) has a great list.
#edchat (Transcripts
#ptchat (Parent and teacher collaborative chat)
#education #teachertuesday
#admin #edtech
#edu #edutech

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Steven Anderson
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Deron Durflinger
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